Atleast 1 month has passed since last time applied (If you have applied and got denied, you have to wait 1 month)


Minimum of 500 playing hours on Unturned.

Daily minimum of being online : 2 Hours. (Except by contacting AimXeZ regarding absence)

A must is a Microphone if you make a application good enough to be interviewed.

No previous warnings in the past 3 months of making the application.

Minimum age is 14 (Even less if you prove yourself mature enough to hold responsibility)

Knowledge of the English language, and being good enough to be able to communicate with people without difficulty.



I will personally check everyones steam profile when they apply, even comments on their profile are taken into consideration, Vac bans, Playing hours on what game (so we know if you are going to be active).
And , REMEMBER. When answering questions, try as much as you can to be unique, as every application has the same stuff in it, like make UnturnedBeast great again, enforce rules, help people, ban, kick, mute.... Everyone which get staff is doing that in their own way... So try to stand out, and try to give us reasons why you are unique and rare people can do the stuff YOU can do.

Do not delete your previous application if you have decided to make a new one.


01. How old are you?
This question is asked to check your maturity; whether you will abuse or not. If you lie, and if we find out that you lied, you will instantly get demoted and banned from applying for staff again.

02. How will you help the server? What future plans to you have to further improve the server?
You see, a lot of people just want to become staff for power and abusing. We do not want that, so we want to know what and how will you help. Some might help with coding; others might help with the forums. Also have in mind, we do not need 10 staff members with the same staff applications and staff. U get bonus point for being unique and having your own ideas and vision of improvement.

03. What makes you different from the other players?
Normal players cannot just become staff; and there are reasons for that. So, if you are just another normal player, you cannot become staff either. So, we need to know what makes you stand out. We do not ask about your pvp skill or type of gameplay, but what do you have, which will be helpfull and of use to use and the other community members you will be helping.

04. Have you ever been banned on ANY Unturned servers? If yes, why?
This question is simply asked to see what are the chances of you breaking the rules again. Again, please do not lie, because then you will be ruining your chances. Also, if you do not follow the rules, that means you will not enforce our rules , be honest , if you do lie, instant demotion.

05. What position are you applying for?
We need to know. Because different people are suitable for different ranks. We will let you choose what you deserve.The current ranks on the server are: Tester, Helper, Moderator and Admin. Admin is quite hard, almost impossible first try to get, but as a helper or moderator you will have sufficient power to enforce rules and help, and also the right ammount that you cannot do any significant damage to the FDG server network, point is earning your stay and earning staff and community trust and love.

06. Your IGN:
Your In-Game Name might not be the same as the forum name, like mine, and this may cause a lot of trouble. So, just to clarify, put it in.

07. Steam Profile Link.
Your steam link to your profile so we can easily verify your information and have your SteamID if you get accepted, Leaving this black will result in a instant denial of your staff application!

08. Your timezone?
This is so we know when you can be online and active on the server, and to help plan events and other stuff.

09. Steam 64 ID:
So we have it easier to promote you to staff!

10. Any former warning or issues you have had on the server.
If you have been warned or punished by a admin, this is where you write on how you have changed, and that you are following the rules and keen on enforcing them on others also. Regarding issues, the problems you have seen occur on our servers and your ideas and plans of fixing them.

11. Any software or programing language knowledge?
This is if we by any chance need your photshop, css, html skills , i do not think it will happen, but everything gives you a bonus of being staff (Big bonus, also will get rewarded if we do assistance with something of that nature)

12. Temperment?
This is a question which we truly need, regarding your temparment and reaction under intense pressure and hate which the community tends to give to the staff members. Honesty, if we notice different then your answer. Demotion.

13. Have you helped the servers staff or community by this point in anyway possible?
Questions regarding your helpfull, hardworking and emphative nature.

14. Knowledge of languages rated from 1 to 10. Communication wise.
Write down the languages you know, and rate your knowledge of the mentioned from 1 to 10.

15. Other info: (Optional)
This question can be used as an explanation, for any actions, which MAY or may not increase your chances of getting a staff rank.

P.S. If you are looking at someone's staff applicaion, feel free to add anything that is needed. Please be honest.

If you have any inquiries or questions, feel free to ask staff, and I wish you the best of luck!